CAKE DEBUT: Express Less by Lale Westvind

They are stirring “the cum of destruction” for “She”.
“She” is prepared for breast feeding.
The Reenofurs are mating. Observe their “water gun fight” aerial acrobatics.
Sundok, the Tongue of Grun is violated.
She will have revenge on the demon child.
Those who are frustrated end up in BAR.
“Electric Deth.”

Express Less is 28 pages of painful-pleasure-color sci-fi tropes and vulgarity. Includes surprises.

Lale Westvind is moving out of her parent’s house very soon. Lale Westvind needs employment. LaleWestvind loves motorcycles. Lale Westvind is from New York City but loves Chicago. Lale Westvind is barely human.
If this is inappropriate or too dumb to print I will write another one.

Visit Lale’s website, and pick up Express Lane at Table 6 June 15 & 16th!

Lale also made an awesome minicomic for CAKE & Busy Beaver Button Company.  Free copies of the minicomic will be available at CAKE while supplies last, OR you can pick up a free copy on Thursday, 6pm  at Parson’s Chicken and Fish. Click here for more details.

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