Looking for Artists

Hey all, we at Cake are happy to promote a new Sponsor! Fresh Comics helped us out promoting our show last year on their app. Their App has a list of upcoming conventions in your area so you won’t miss when a show is coming your way. 

They’re also promoting another app that they’re launching but they need some artists to populate the images. 

So, if you like Lovecraft and drawing funky monsters, all the details are below.

Artists! Do nightmares of faceless eldritch horrors and dreams of lost chthonian vistas haunt your sleep? Have you ever shuddered in horror when looking back at the thing in the mirror? If so, we have job just for you!

We are building a mobile app with an embedded geographic database mapping the locations from the works of H.P. Lovecraft. We spent many hours geocoding the Old Gentleman of Providence’s fiction and are now looking for artistic partners to help us illustrate The Pnakotic Atlas.

The paid app will launch on August 22 at NecronomiCon Providence. We’re offering artists a unique venue to show off their eldritch works as well as a generous profit-sharing arrangement where all revenues from the app (after Apple & Google take their cut) will be distributed to our artistic contributors.

If this sounds interesting, please e-mail info@pnakoticatlas.com for more details.

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