CAKE DEBUT: It Never Happened Again by Sam Alden

Two exquisite stories drawn in Sam Alden’s signature, flowing, and lush pencil style. In “Hawaii 1997,” few words are spoken, but Aldens imagery evokes the magic of a night-time encounter at a Hawaiian resort. In “Anime” he explores the complicated dynamics of pop culture obsession. Sam Alden is one of the brightest young talents working today.
Published by Uncivilized Books

Sam Alden was born in 1988 in Portland, Oregon. Now he lives elsewhere.

Uncivilized Books has been publishing graphic novels and mini-comics for several years now. We’ve published work by David B., Gabrielle Bell, James Romberger, Jon Lewis, Zak Sally, Laura Park, Dash Shaw, Tom Kaczynski and many others. Books from Joann Sfar, Sam Alden, Sophie Yanow, Mana Neyestani and more from Gabrielle Bell and David B. are forthcoming!

Visit Sam’s and Uncivilized Books’ websites, and pick up It Never Happened Again atTables 19 & 20 May 31st & June 1st!

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