This is CAKE’s third festival, but it’s the first time we have to say goodbye to organizers.  Grace Tran and Edie Fake are stepping down from organizing CAKE, and are both moving away from Chicago.  The remaining organizers would like to take the opportunity to give the biggest thank you to Grace & Edie.

When the call for dedicated organizers went out, Grace jumped in headfirst and enthusiastically grabbed the reins of logistical operations. All well-reasoned decisions from CAKE should be attributed to Grace.

It is due to Edie’s gregarious nature that CAKE exists at all. It was Edie who successfully wrangled Chicago comics artists (who usually like to hide in dark places and draw by themselves) to come to early meetings to lay the groundwork for CAKE. Edie’s devotion to creating unique programming also helped mould the feel for our festival.  

We’re totally bummed Grace & Edie will no longer be organizers for CAKE, but we feel incredibly lucky to have been able to work so closely with them for several years, and wish them great luck with their new exciting new adventures!

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